Winter Wedding Ideas Featuring A Blue Wedding Dress

Winter Wedding Ideas Featuring A Blue Wedding Dress

From Irene Fucci

This intimate and inspirational editorial was focused to create a vision for couples who want to incorporate classy details mixed with an ethereal and refined authenticity for their nearest and dearest. Ambiance was crucial for the setting to show off the true feeling behind this vibe. We were lucky enough to team up with the Cavour Castle (a couple of hours away from Milan). It’s a historical building where an important politician from 1800 has lived.

Danielle Design decorated a lateral staircase with a timeless arch as well as ivy touches and candles to add a romantic touch to the space.

Instead of having just a “something blue” we decided to incorporate the hue throughout the day. From the details within the paper goods, the delicate napkins behind the dinner plates, to the beautiful lacey wedding dress by The Lace Atelier. The modern rings are one of our favorite parts, paired with a long precious stone necklace that perfectly complements the deep neckline of the dress. A bit of personality from the “couple” in the ring dish. Not a traditional one, but a vintage plate with a special calligraphy on it.

Published at Thu, 12 Dec 2019 08:00:53 +0000